lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

my favorite Blogs visited

Hi, my name is Lissette prda, I am from in Venezuela in Maracaibo, I 20 years old, i study in URBE at mass media.

The blogs that visits were very good, in truth I am in favor very contented and happy of for having made east work that I help myself much..... Congratulations to all those that managed to make this work

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007


This it is a conversation by telephone with a friend

Lissette: hi, this is Vanessa, and this is Ediliana. We can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave us a message, and…

Herlim: hello?

Pablo: hi, Herlim? It’s Pablo. Is Vanessa there?

Herlim: oh, hi Pablo, she’s here, but she’s in bed- she’s sleeping. Can she call you later?

Pablo: yeah, thanks, please ask her to call me at my parents’ house.

Herlim: sure, just give me the number.

Pablo: it’s 0416-3614754

Herlim: 0416-3614754

Pablo: thanks a lot, Herlim.
Pablo: hello?

Vanessa: hi, Pablo, it’s Pablo, I got your message.

Pablo: hi, thanks for calling me back.

Vanessa: so, what’s up?

Pablo: uh, well, do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?

Vanessa: tomorrow night? I’m really sorry, but I can’t, I have to stay home and study.

Pablo: oh, that’s too bad, how about Friday night?

Vanessa: uh… sure, I’d love to, what time do you want to meet?

Pablo: how about around seven o’clock.

Vanessa: terrific.

I hope likes and they are amused

Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954)

This he is brief biografia of Frida kalho is very important and interesting

Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954)
Frida Kahlo was born near Mexico City. At 15, she almost died in a bus accident. For the rest of her life, she was disabled and in pain. Soon after the accident, Kahlo taught herself how to paint. Kahlo is especially famous for her self-portraits. In these paintings, Kahlo used bright colors and strange symbols to show her feelings

It is very important to know the life of some artists, since with that knowledge an example for our own lives is had.


It’s work is very important, speak of my person and my life.

Hi! My name is Lissette Carolina Prada Fuenmayor, I Have a 20 years old.
I was Born in Maracaibo - Venezuela in 1987,
I graduate from high school of 16 years old, I got my first job in CAR-VILL in Maracaibo, I Study 2dn semester at mass media in URBE school.
I was great cook and play the piano, is beautiful.
This work is my personal life, in where and that I have done in all this time

The Weekend

The weekend is very pleasant and amused, I enjoy much although you accustom very I am occupied

The Weekend, I Visited friends on Friday night, we went out to a park, last night we went to the stadium and enjoyments.
I had a great day, nice, cool very fun.

The Saturday I went to a restaurant with my Boyfriend, we ate hot dog and drank juice of apples it’s very cool and delicious.
I had a nice day, cool, spectacular and great.

The Sunday I went to the Cinema with my Family, we watched a movie of Tom Cruise, He worked is bad, terrible is no so good, I had a bad and boring day, the movie of tom Cruise is bad.

This they were a weekend very amused, I hope likes


The following work is directions, from as it is possible to be arrived at a place

1. Where’s the Hotel?
It’s on the corner of Vane Street, and second avenue,
across from the Universiti.

How do I get to Hotel Carol from Department La Rosa?
Walk up Victory street to second avenue, turn left on second avenue and walk up one block, the Hotel is next to the University.

2. Where’s the University?
It’s between vane Street and Victory Street , is across from the drugstore.

How do I get to University from Doctors Hospital?
Go up on Vane street to second avenue, turn right walk half a block, the University is on your left across from the drugstore.

3. Where’s the City Bank?
Is on Vane Street, between second avenue and Street 2dn.

How do I get to City Bank from Mall Center?
Walk two blocks on second avenue and turn left on Street Vane, walk half a bloc the City bank is on your right.

4. Where’s is the School?
It’s on Second Avenue, behind mall Center, nest to the University.

How do I get to the School from the Square.
Walk up two blocs on Street Victory, turn right on second avenue and walk half a block the school is on your left.

I hope that they see it and they enjoy it.


This work is I engage in a dialogue, that is a girl who attends the doctor and she raises his disease to him and she says that sinete very badly to him


HERLIM: Hello Vanessa hoe are you?
VANESSA: I don’t fell well today
HERLIM: what’s the matter whit you?
Why do you fell bad?
VANESSA: I have a terrible headache and I believe I have a fever.
HERLIM: I can see, you are terrible, but I have a good idea.
VANESSA: really? What’s your idea?
HERLIM: why don’t you go to see a doctor and make your self a general check up?
VANESSA: that’s a good idea I’ll do it right away.


EDILIANA: Good morning Lady can I help you?
VANESSA: Good morning, I’d like to have a general check up because I’m not feeling well lately.
EDILIANA: ok. Tell me your name please I’ll tell the doctor right now take a sit please.
EDILIANA: Doctor PRADA you have a patient waiting for you.
Dr. LISSETTE: ok. Tell her to come in.
EDILIANA: ok. I’ll send her in the doctor said she’ll see you now please follow me to her office.
VANESSA: Good morning Doctor, I’m Vanessa nice to meet you.
Dr. LISSETTE: nice to meet you too VANESSA, please takes a sit, and tells me what is wrong whit you?
VANESSA: Doctor, I have a terrible headache and I have high temperature.
Dr. LISSETTE: ok. Let me see, let see how your temperature is and let’s check your pressure.
VANESSA: ok. Doctor, what do you think?
I don’t feel well at all and I’m really hot.
Dr. LISSETTE: oh, my God, you are boiling In fever your temperature is over 40 (forty) and have a quite high pressure.
I believe you are gone die pretty soon.
VANESSA: Die!!! I don’t want to die.
Dr. LISSETTE: Don’t get scared, I’m just kidding, its a joke
I’ll gives you these pills for the headache, take pills every six hours for six days.
And you’ll feel a lot better I promise.
VANESSA: but Doctor aren’t those pills very expensive?
Dr. LISSETTE: they are not really expensive, they are reasonable priced.
And these pills will take your headache away.
VANESSA: thank you very much Doctor, I really appreciate your help,
Dr. LISSETTE: Don’t mention it, that’s my Job and I’m sure you’ll get well pretty soon take care of yourself.
VANESSA: well so long Doctor.
Dr. LISSETTE: You too have a nice day!

This it was a performance which we made in the hall classes, I hope that they like.....